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This amazing manicure is a unique eastern procedure which is a pure detox for your nails.

Japanese manicure is a universal procedure for those who want to have beautiful nails. You may say that acrylic nails are faster and some would prefer this variant, but if you are a fan of natural beauty, value your nails, and do not want them to break or yellow for using nail varnish as well as exfoliate – then your choice must be the Japanese manicure. Never before have nails been so natural, healthy, beautiful and shiny!

What is a Japanese manicure – Japanese traditionalism seriously affects the technology of manicure. Their motto is to be as close to human nature as possible, and it is reflected in manicure. Only natural materials and components are used for all procedures, conducted by a master; even professional tools are made from natural materials, these are ceramic nail files, calfskin polishing unit, or orange tree sticks. Naturally, all sera and preparations for Japanese manicure are made from natural ingredients – pearl powder, ginseng, rice milk, beeswax, and many more. After several sessions of the Japanese manicure, nails become not only firm, but also elastic, and smooth, acquiring a healthy pink shade and a natural shine.

The difference between a Japanese manicure and a classic manicure is that a Japanese manicure begins with filing your natural nails followed by applying the cuticle oil. Nails are cleaned to prepare them for further treatments. A special pastes and powders are used instead of nail polish.

Japanese Manicure is recommended for those who wants to have a beautiful, natural look of their nails. Japanese manicure is an excellent help for weak and damaged nails. Take a few sessions, and you will immediately see the result.

This is the best thing you’ll ever do for your nails..