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A lot of clients complain to me about winter hair stress; experiencing the change of condition of their hair season to season. But they tend to notice it more when the weather changes and alongside that their hair seems to go from moisturised sun glossed hair to dank hair that they can’t seem to do anything with it. Condition and care is king as the winter months approach.

Stock on leave-conditioners and protective oils – These act as a protective barrier between your hair and heat. During the cold dryness of the winter months; damage from your styling tools can be worse. Use Original Minerals Atonic; which is a thickening spritz spray that protects you hair whilst blow drying. It is light enough for any blow dryer or heat styler to put the bang in your blowout. As it really work and protects your locks.

Try to Air Dry your hair as much as possible before blow drying it completely. The less heat you infused into your locks with your dryer; the more moisture that you will seal in from your shampoo and conditioning products.

Stay moisturised as much as possible come to the salon for professional deep conditioning treatment at least once a month. This is a great way to keep your hair healthy and shiny in the winter months. You should try and tag this service to your normal blow dry and you will see a difference from an in-house salon treatment to one undertaken at home At the salon we only treat under heated climazones whereas the treatment is infused with the hair cortex, penetrating deeper. My go to product this winter is O & M MAINTAIN THE MAIN – SEVEN DAY MIRACLE – it gives an intense shot of moisture via a unique blend of Macadamia Seed Oil and Cold pressed certified Organic Australian Argan Oil. Leaving the hair deeply nourished, providing style that is frizz free

Banish the frizz – Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about winter dryness –you need to stop the problems before it begins. Apply an anti-frizz product to towel dried hair, its best to apply it to towel dried hair and work through. If this doesn’t eliminate your frizz totally Try new generation oils these have been further developed unlike their predecessors – Try FRIZZY LOGIC by Original Minerals – It is a shine serum with organic Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil that combats humidity and takes control of the Frizz without making hair unnecessary heavy.

Be dirty: OK . . . not dirty, but wash your less frequently during the winter. Frizz is a result of dry, broken strands of hair–aka lack of moisture. Washing your hair every day does more damage than good.

Lastly; a good cut taking away all the dead ends; don’t be afraid to lose some of the length if it improves the overall condition and look of the hair.